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Use the discourse markers / linkers to improve your IELTS writing:

To add a point:
and, also, as well as, moreover, too, furthermore, additionally, in addition to, at the same time, again, too, equally important, in addition, likewise, above all, most of all, least of all, and, either…or, neither…nor, nevertheless, to continue

‘Cause and effect’:
because, so, therefore, thus, consequently, hence, as a result

First, in the first place, at first, once, once upon time, to begin with, at the beginning, starting with, initially, from this point, earlier, second, secondly, in the second place, next, the next time, then, after that, following that, subsequently, on the next occasion, so far, later on, third, in the third place, consequently, last, last of all, at last, at the end, in the end, final finally, to finish, to conclude, in conclusion

All in all, altogether, in brief, in short, in fact, in particular, that is, in simpler terms, to put it differently, in other words, again, once more, again and again, over and over, to repeat, as stated, that is to say, to retell, to review, to rephrase, to paraphrase, to reconsider, to clarify, to explain, to outline, to summarize

To generalize:
on the whole, in general, generally, as a rule, in most cases, broadly speaking, to some extent, mostly, above all, chiefly, essentially, largely, primarily, usually

To illustrate:
For example, as an example, for instance, in this case, in the case of, to illustrate, as illustrated by, as revealed by, to show, to demonstrate, in particular, such as, namely, for one thing, indeed, in other words, to put it in another way, thus, to explain, suppose that, specifically, to be exact

To concede:
it is true that, of course, after all, no doubt, naturally, I grant you, it may well be, although this may be true, although, to admit, to confess, to agree, in accord with, I allow, I accept

To conclude or summarise:
To conclude, in conclusion, to close, last of all, finally, to end, to complete, to bring to an end, thus, hence, therefore, as a consequence of, as a result, in short, to sum up, to summarize, to recapitulate, consequently

To compare:
As, as well as, like, in much the same way, resembling, parallel to, same as, identically, of little difference, equally, matching, also, exactly, similarly, similar to, in comparison, in relation to

To express attitude:
Frankly, honestly, I think, I suppose, after all, no doubt, I’m afraid, actually, as a matter of fact, to tell the truth, unfortunately, I believe, in my opinion, To be honest

To contrast, disagree and ‘qualify’:
Though, although, and yet, but, despite, despite this fact, in spite of, even so, for all that, however, in contrast, by contrast, on one hand, on the other hand, on the contrary, in one way, in another way, although this may be true, nevertheless, nonetheless, still, yet, to differ from, a striking difference, another distinction, otherwise, after all, instead, unlike, opposite, to oppose, in opposition to, versus, against, while it is true

To emphasise:
Above all, after all, indeed, as a matter of fact, the main issue is, chiefly, especially, actually, the most significant, the chief characteristic, the major point, the most necessary, extremely, to emphasize, to highlight, to stress, by all means, undoubtedly, more importantly, most important of all, most of all, moreover, furthermore, significantly, without a doubt, certainly, to be sure, surely, absolutely, obviously, more and more, of major interest, to culminate, in truth, the climax of, to add to that, without question, unquestionably, as a result, probability

Time 1:
before, earlier, previously, formerly, recently, not long ago, at present, presently, currently, now, by now, until, today, immediately, simultaneously, at the same time, during, all the while, in the future yesterday,, tomorrow, henceforth, after, after a short time, after a while, soon, later, later on, following, the following week

Time 2:
Suddenly, all at once, instantly, immediately, quickly, directly, soon, as soon as, just then, when, sometimes, some of the time, in the meantime, occasionally, rarely, seldom, infrequently, temporarily, periodically, gradually, eventually, little by little, slowly, while, meanwhile, always, all of the time, without exception, at the same time, repeatedly, often, frequently, generally, usually, as long as, never, not at all

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